The Great Salvation


The publication of this edition of six thousand copies of "The Great Salvation" completes the total printing of one hundred and five (105) thousand copies since it's first appearance in 1893.

It was prepared by the author, Thomas Williams, in connection with "The World's Columbian Exposition" held in Chicago in that year at which time thirteen thousand copies were distributed at a booth set up at the "World's Congress of Religions" held at the Chicago Art Institute.

Since that time the work has continued in steady demand as the purposes for which it was prepared: "to present the only true plan of salvation in as clear and concise a form" as the circumstances called for, "and it's merits as a means of heralding the gospel to the perishing, aiding young students of the Word, and assisting parents and teachers in teaching the Scriptures" are still as vital and necessary as they were seventy-nine years ago.

It is republished in the same hope as was originally expressed by the author; "May God's blessing go with our little book in it's continuance of the good work it has done in the past, to the honor of His Name and to the salvation of many sons of Adam's fallen race."


Reprinted December 1995

The Great Salvation
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