How to Subscribe to The Christadelphian Advocate Magazine

The Christadelphian Advocate is a monthly magazine in defense of the "Things Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ" as embraced in "The Hope of Israel" with a view of taking out a people for Yahweh's Name. (Please note: Any transaction must be completed using the same currency throughout. US and Canadian dollars cannot be mixed in the same transaction.)

Annual Subscription Rates:

Destination Cost
USA Add To Cart USD $24.00
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Rest of World Add To Cart USD $38.00

Subscription may be purchased online. Please click the "Add to Cart" button for the type of subscription.

To order by mail, please make checks payable to The Christadelphian Advocate.
Subscriptions should be forwarded to:

Bro. Casey King
1934 Taylor Rd.
Crozier, VA   23039-2325