Things Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ

Things Concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ

We are pleased to announce a new book published by the Christadelphian Advocate. Things Concerning is based on the inserts of the same title that have appeared in the Advocate over the past five years, organized and adapted for presentation in book form.

Bible students of all ages and backgrounds will find an easy to read style that will contribute to understanding both the fundamental gospel message as well as more difficult passages in the Scriptures. This book will provide a useful reference source for refreshing our minds on subjects when we are teaching others. The convenient chapter topics also lend themselves to Bible class study.

The book presents the fundamentals of our faith supported with Scriptural references. It has been published with the objective of encouraging us to live according to the faith and patience of the saints, while we seek to walk blamelessly and harmlessly, waiting for the return of Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God in fulfillment of His purpose to fill the earth with His eternal glory.

The cost of the book in soft cover is $8.00 US funds

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