Things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 8:12)

"THINGS CONCERNING" is a periodic supplement to the Christadelphian Advocate. This publication will be dedicated strictly to teaching the "things concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ".

All articles are based on sound teaching expressed in terms that are suitable for those who are still being nurtured by the milk of the word.

We are pleased to announce a new book published by the Christadelphian Advocate. Things Concerning is based on the inserts of the same title that have appeared in the Advocate over the past five years, organized and adapted for presentation in book form.

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Issue Date Theme HTML PDF
2/2006 By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them
1/2006 The Lord's Prayer
11/2005 All Scripture Inspired
9/2005 By Grace Through Faith
8/2005 The Devil And Satan
6/2005 Priorities and Faith
5/2005 God's 7000 Year Plan
3/2005 Does It Matter What We Believe?
2/2005 The Pre-Existence of Christ
1/2005 The Name Of Jesus Christ
11/2004 Worship God in Spirit and in Truth
10/2004 Presidential Election
8/2004 Symbolic Language
5/2004 Shall He Find Faith?
4/2004 The Hope of the Righteous
2/2004 The Promises to David
1/2004 The Creation and Evolution
11/2003 The Law of Sin and Death
10/2003 By Grace Through Faith?
8/2003 One Lord, One Faith?
6/2003 The Promised Land
5/2003 The Signs of the Times
3/2003 The Nature of Christ
2/2003 Psalm 49:20 Man Dies Like Beast
12/2002 The Law of Moses - Purpose
11/2002 Elijah Taken Up
9/2002 Enoch's Translation
8/2002 Israel God's Witness
7/2002 The Memorial Service
5/2002 Speaking In Tongues
4/2002 The Number of The Beast-666
3/2002 Did Jesus Die For Everyone In The World?
2/2002 Do Not Be Yoked With Unbelievers
1/2002 Going To Law? - Judge Not
12/2001 Soldiers & Citizens For Christ
11/2001 Nations Gathered To Battle (Sept.11, 2001)
10/2001 Absent From The Body, Present With The Lord?
9/2001 Meeting The Lord In The Air?
8/2001 The Importance of Baptism
7/2001 Abraham-His Faith, His Heirs
6/2001 Unclean Spirits
5/2001 The Antichrist
4/2001 There Is Only One God (No trinity)
3/2001 Resisting Temptation
2/2001 Your World View
1/2001 The Gospel Of Christ
12/2000 The Birth Of Christ (The Season)
11/2000 In The Last Days-Prophecies
10/2000 Where Is The Promise Of His Coming?
9/2000 Once Saved, Always Saved??
8/2000 The Heavens-Symbolic
7/2000 Thy Kingdom Come-On Earth
6/2000 Not My Will But Thine Be Done
5/2000 Except A Man Be Born Again
4/2000 Death and Hell
3/2000 This Is Life Eternal (To Him That Overcometh)
2/2000 God's Plan and Purpose
1/2000 The Kingdom Is A Wonderful Place
12/1999 Belief/Faith
11/1999 Commandments/Conversion (As A Little Child)
10/1999 The Ressurection
9/1999 The Prophet Daniel
8/1999 Abrahamic Promises
7/1999 The Lord Is One
6/1999 The Devil And Satan
5/1999 The Second Coming of Christ
4/1999 Sin In The Flesh (The Deceitful Heart)
3/1999 The Name Of Jesus Christ
2/1999 Dust Thou Art (Nature of Man)
1/1999 All Scripture Inspired
12/1998 The Holy Spirit Gifts
11/1998 Behold The Fig Tree
10/1998 The Gospel Net
9/1998 Thy Kingdom Come-(Parable of the Sower)