Adam's Fall and God's Remedy in Christ

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For several years now The Advocate committee recognized the need for a concise Bible-based argument setting forth the understanding of the "atonement" long held in the Unamended community. The task was assigned to Brother James Farrar to lead, and a document has been prepared with the title above. The document was written to serve as a kind of ambassador to Christadelphians in other fellowships, intended to provide a Biblical argument in favor of the conclusions we believe and teach, while also serving as a study and teaching document within our own community.

Adam's Fall and God's Remedy in Christ is organized into five sections within twenty-three 8.5 x 11 inch pages in a two-column format. The document does not quote from other Christadelphian writings; it utilizes the Bible as the basis for the arguments made and the conclusions reached. Through that means, the committee's desire is that it will contribute to a unified understanding anchored in the word of God.

The document is available to be downloaded digitally from the following link:

The Christadelphian Advocate Publishing Committee