Confirming and Defending our Faith in the 21st Century

The use of the Garden of Eden chart by Brother D. W. Bughman for our cover picture is intended as a symbolic token of our purpose for this special issue. This chart represents in picture form, the things that we have been taught and understood from childhood. Though it is only a diagram reflecting the fall of man and his hope for redemption, it depicts Bible truths that define the fundamental principles of our faith and the things that are most surely believed among us.

In these final days before the return of our Lord these tokens of our heritage are being challenged. More importantly, the Bible truths that we share are in danger of being lost to the subtle changes that have been occurring gradually since the days when our forefathers first expounded on these vital principles. It is fitting and necessary that we periodically renew our identification with and commitment to the faith that was once delivered unto the saints.