Our Children at School

Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth.

Nearly 75% of all children raised in "Christian" homes who attend public schools will reject their "Christian" faith by the time they graduate from high school! Though this is a shocking and disconcerting statistic, it is not a surprise if one recognizes the influence of secular humanism being taught to the young and impressionable minds as early as pre-school. The social difficulties that face our malleable and easily influenced school-aged children, including the pervading influence of sexual promiscuity, drug use, rejection of authority figures and general immorality are well defined and generally understood by members within the Christadelphian household. For this reason, it is not the intention of this article to reiterate the existence of these issues, but rather to identify their source and uncover the social agenda that is at its root. The objective is to clearly identify the enemy, so that it can effectively be overcome. As believing parents, it is not sufficient to be as Lot, who in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds (2 Peter 2:8). Lot's life is a tragic reminder that simply recognizing the issues but failing to act upon them is not enough. In following this course, Lot lost his family to the sinful influence of the world. Believing parents must avoid this catastrophe at all costs, taking all necessary actions to preserve Yahweh's Heritage.

A Little History: Before Jean Jacques Rousseau (a liberal thinker who left his own five children on the doorsteps of an orphanage) invented the idea of K-12 state funded education in 1852, the sole purpose of education was to teach children to read the Bible, and as a result, public education in America remained thoroughly Christian. The books and lessons used, specifically The New England Primer and the McGuffey Reader, not only taught students educational lessons, but also provided them with a Christian foundation as students learned biblical principles that guided and shaped their characters. The result was an astounding 97% literacy rate, and most young Americans were proficient at reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, by the 1940's, public school education began a steady deterioration that is today evidenced in the fact that, according to the New York State Education Department's annual report, student illiteracy rates in most public schools range from 30%-70%. The beginning of this decline can be attributed to the misguided efforts of John Dewey, known as the "father of progressive education," who at that time became influential in public education. A self-proclaimed atheist and admirer of Lenin, Stalin and Marxism, his agenda was to transform America into an atheistic and socialist society by redefining the purpose of public schools. As an example, Dewey wrote in Teacher Magazine in 1933, "There is no God and there is no soul. Hence, there are no needs for the props of traditional religion. With dogma and creed excluded, the immutable truth is also dead and buried. There is no room for fixed, natural laws or moral absolutes." After declaring the non-existence of God, Dewey endeavored to redirect the mission of the public school to reflect his anti-God and anti-moral beliefs, creating new textbooks and revising the old to reflect and promote this view. The existing public education in the U.S. is a result of his under-handed efforts.

Proverbs 1:7 states, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Therefore it stands to reason that when the fear of the Lord is removed from the learning equation, it is impossible to obtain knowledge! The end-result of Dewey's new curricula, that subtly introduced Secular Humanism and Moral Relativism into public education, is that the child is stripped of his belief in God's Laws and becomes "a law unto himself," believing that he is only accountable to himself and not to Deity. Though adults have the capacity to be spiritually mature enough to know these ideas are in direct contradiction to God's laws and principles, a child becomes confused by the conflicting doctrines that he is exposed to. This is precisely the desired condition for those who seek to instill a different set of values. At their young age, our children are frequently unable to effectively recognize error and defend their faith against the steady assault on the biblical values taught at home, nor do they want to stand out in the environment where they spend most of their time, thereby succumbing to the powerful influence of peer pressure. Ultimately, the typical reaction is rebellion against the parent in order to choose their own values and rules. Here lies the beginning of many future problems with our children! The earlier a child becomes influenced by these worldly philosophies, the more likely they will become engrained permanently. After recognizing the presence of these social agendas, it should be no surprise that full day preschool is quickly becoming state funded, just like Kindergarten. With the addition of these before and after school programs, the school day can realistically last from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.! Brethren, this is too much time for our children to be in the hands and under the influence of the world for it to be reversed in the few remaining hours of the day that we have with them!

Boys in School: There are many serious issues that apply exclusively to our boys, the pinnacle of which is the increased male violence in public schools. The well-publicized reports of distressed boys that "snap," wreaking bloody havoc upon their classmates, is becoming more and more prevalent, so much so that that public schools now have incorporated "terror drills" along side their tornado and fire drills! There are also increased cases of bullying, sexual harassment and experimentation with homosexuality than ever before. The pressing question is why? What is the source of this relatively new phenomenon? The answer is found in the fact that the Feminist Movement has infiltrated public education to such an extent that it is having an adverse affect upon our boys. The self-proclaimed goal of this movement is "to rescue boys from the straightjacket of masculinity" which in the feminist view has resulted in many of the afore-mentioned problems. In 1998, The Department of Education and Wellesley Women's College (the same college Hillary Clinton attended) joined forces to develop The Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA), which culminated in an anti-harassment and anti-violence teachers guide that became incorporated into the K-3 curriculum in many public schools. The program entitled "QUIT-IT!" includes many activities designed, in their view, to render little boys less volatile, less competitive, and less aggressive. However, the repression of normal "little boy" activity has in fact produced the opposite effect. "It is not that boys are bad," says a spokesperson for the program, "but rather that we must all do a much better job of addressing aggressive behavior (actually normal boy behavior - author) of young boys to counteract the prevailing messages they receive from the media and society in general." Female children, including Kindergartners, learn to say "Quit-it! That's sexual harassment, and sexual harassment is against the law." The curricul um promises to develop male cooperative skills through "wonderful noncompetitive activities." According to the WEEA, "A child learns what it means to be a boy or girl between the ages of two and seven. The best prospects for influencing the child's gender schema are in these early, malleable years: these years are the opportunity zone." For example, during a teacher-training seminar entitled Gender Equity for Girls and Boys: A Conference for K-12 Teachers and Administrators, Dr. Nancy Marshall led a session entitled Dolls, Gender and Make-Believe: Gender Equity in the Early Childhood Classroom. During a slideshow presentation, she showed a slide of a preschool boy dressed up in high heels and a dress. "It's perfectly natural for a little boy to try on a skirt, we know that biological, psychological, and intellectual differences between males and females are minimal during early childhood."

In reality, this curriculum incorrectly conveys the message to girls that all boys inevitably become sexual harassers or violent aggressive men if they are not "rescued," and that their voice is always heard as long as they are speaking out against boys and their "boy behavior." This effectively indoctrinates girls into thinking that quiet, compliant, feminized boys should be the standard for men. Meanwhile, the boys feel either confused as to how they should behave, or become defiant because they are expected to act in a manner that is unnatural to them. The typical result is that boys either become violent or are labeled as such, being pressured by misguided administrators to medicate them with mind-numbing drugs, or they conform and become feminized (the beginning stage of homosexuality), which results in approval from their teacher and acceptance from their girl peers. What a choice! There is no doubt that our boys need to be properly civilized and correctly channeled, but this can only happen in a moral, structured and challenging environment, which includes healthy competition. Yahweh created the man to be a leader and the head of his household, and not the submissive gender! Forcing him to become that which Yahweh did not intend will certainly result in confusion and disaster.

Girls in School: Boys are not the only ones who are feeling the incredibly adverse effects of an immoral and Godless society. Our girls are forced to grow up in a sexually charged culture in which they are encouraged to become prematurely adult and consumed by their appearance. The public school has become a haven for hyper-sexualized girls who dress and act like grown women. Society is seeking to reverse the God-given gender roles, which has resulted in not just the feminizing of boys, but also the de-feminizing of girls, promoting crass and crude behavior that is unacceptable to Yahweh. Girls are taught at a very early age to be a sex object and many have become walking advertisements for sex-not just in high schools, but as early as pre-school! Whether it's the animated Bratz Dolls on their backpacks and lunch boxes showing bare midriffs, or their impossibly curvy Barbie doll wearing all sorts of inappropriate clothing, the message is overwhelming and difficult to combat. Whereas girls of earlier eras focused on improving their studies, becoming well-mannered and better help-meets to their future husbands, girls today almost exclusively focus their attention on changing their bodies and enhancing their physical appearance! According to a report in the American Psychological Association (APA), the sexualization of girls actually diminishes their cognitive ability, lowers their self-esteem, generates negative thinking, and causes depression and eating disorders. Add to this the public schools' idea of "Sex-Education," which in effect gives these girls' permission and even instruction on how to be in charge of their own sexuality (free from the oppressive man), and the result is disastrous. They become "sexually liberated," resulting in increased pregnancies and resulting abortions; increased STDs that result in increased psychological issues such as depression and self-loathing; and increased drug and alcohol abuse to help them cope with these iss ues, continuing the downward spiral. Lost in the equation is the fact that Yahweh looks on the heart, and not upon the appearance! Therefore, it is imperative that we teach our young girls to cultivate that "hidden man of the heart," being the demonstration of the Christ-character in us, and show them the true value of becoming an honored ornament and crown, not only to their future brother/husband, but ultimately to Yahweh and Christ.

Marriage and the Family: A report from Dr. Paul Viz, a professor of psychology at New York University, provided stunning and disconcerting information regarding the way school textbooks have been rewritten in order to downplay the importance of marriage and the family. He systematically examined 90 widely used elementary social studies texts and elementary readers to see if they were biased or censored, and found that they were both biased and censored! His research revealed that children's textbooks had excluded religion, traditional family values, as well as conservative political and economic positions. He said, "In a general way, the family is often mentioned in the textbooks, but the idea that marriage is the origin and foundation of the family is never presented. The words marriage, wedding, husband and wife do not occur in these books. Nowhere is it suggested that being a mother or homemaker is a worthy and important role for a woman." He went on to say, "There is not one text reference to marriage as the foundation of the family. There is not one portrayal of a contemporary American family that clearly features traditional sex roles. Almost no story features marriage or motherhood as positive, nor does any story give any positive significance to babies. But there are many aggressively feminist stories that openly deride traditional manhood." He concluded, "The clear intention of textbooks is to change the definition of family." With the recognition of such information, one should not be shocked that the younger generations view marriage and the traditional family with contempt and many modern-day women have lost their natural affection toward having and raising children. These young people are simply reflecting the indoctrination put forth in the school textbooks and as a result, have ceased to view marriage, the family, and human sexuality and gender in the biblical way.

Sex Education in School: One of the most disturbing revelations pertains to exactly who is really in charge of the Sex Education program in the schools. A woman who formerly worked for Planned Parenthood before becoming a "Christian" said, "Planned Parenthood has become a forerunner in publishing Sex Ed books, pamphlets, and curriculum; it develops model Sex Ed programs for communities, schools, and affiliates; it creates pre-service, in-service, and enrichment programs for Sex Ed trainers; it provides a national resource clearinghouse as a conduit for the dissemination of Sex Ed information and materials; it distributes journals, magazines, and newsletters to Sex Ed professionals; it advocates unrestricted Sex Ed propagation - Kindergarten through twelfth grade - through political lobbying and the courts; and it sends an army of Sex Ed speakers into school, churches, and public forums every day - day in and day out." She goes on to say, "Girls do not automatically get pregnant when they are thirteen yeas old; it must be encouraged. We accomplished that objectivity by interesting the girls and boys in sexual activity through sex education, beginning in Kindergarten." The fact is that Planned Parenthood-style education produces more sexual activity among kids, not less. When a child attends a Sex Ed class at school, the odds increase dramatically that he or she will have sex in the near future, as familiarity with it increases. In disturbing detail, this woman also explained that although she spoke to all levels, her favorite classes were fifth and sixth graders, stating, "My classroom presentation boiled down to one point-you need to take birth control pills so that 'if' you want to 'explore' your emerging and natural sexual options, you can do so 'safely.' And if your mom won't provide the pills, you have someone you can come to. And by the next morning, my phone was ringing off the hook for birth control from kids that couldn't even drive."

Planned Parenthood uses a program that starts in Kindergarten, being derived from Dr. Alfred Kinsey's research, and is the basis for most of the Sex Ed taught in the public education system. Dr. Kinsey's two works, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male (1948) and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female (1953), have shaped Western society's beliefs and understanding about human sexuality. What is not commonly known is that Dr. Kinsey fits the very definition of a sexual psychopath and deviant, being not only a pedophile, but also a bi-sexual and pornography addict! His means of gathering information was reported to be not only sadistic, but even more disturbing, involved children. To this day, Kinsey is called "the father of sex science," and his main contribution has been establishing the importance of discussing homosexuality and Sex Ed in public schools! Most parents have very little understanding as to the degree in which the Kinsey philosophy of human sexuality controls the Sex Ed programs in the public schools. One school administrator said, "Kinsey is the standard ideology of those in academia who educate the sex educators." Believing parents should therefore be strongly cautioned and adamantly opposed to allowing their Godly Seed to participate in any Sex Ed class in the public education system! Those who do should, at the very least, demand to see all the material being taught to your child, including the teachers handbooks, and read it for yourself so that you can effectively combat the influence of this most-disturbing agenda.

Homosexuality in School: Though the topic is an uncomfortable one, it is one that should be addressed, as it is increasingly prevalent in the schools. Using the AIDS epidemic as an excuse for infiltration, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has partnered with public schools to present their agenda in assemblies across the nation. These assemblies, created by gay activists, have America's school children as a captive audience, as these homosexual propagandists - with the schools approval - candidly describe portions of the gay lifestyle and promote homosexuality as a valid and desired lifestyle. Presentations like these are being conducted without parents' notification or permission, as demonstrated in the well-reported recent situation at Boulder High in Colorado in which it took a concerned student who taped part of such an assembly to make parents and the community aware of what was occurring. When confronted on the matter, school officials said "We pride ourselves at promoting diversity." Again, this type of indoctrination begins in the elementary schools, as witnessed by a new video designed to instruct teachers on how to introduce the gay and lesbian lifestyle into their classes, titled, "It's Elementary: Talking about Gay and Lesbian Issues in School." In it, teachers learn how to move the children along a predetermined track, arriving at a point where homosexuality is regarded as acceptable behavior, even though it challenges their preexisting beliefs about what is normal. In fact, a comment in the video by one boy is particularly distressing. Expressing his new found insight he said, "It's kind of like, let's say, there's a new kind of vegetable or something, and if you're not very open-minded, then you won't try it 'cuz you don't like to try new things and stuff."

What Must Parents do? In the book Public Education against America: the Hidden Agenda, author Marlin Maddoux says this: "I believe that every Christian parent in America should get his or her children out of the public school system. I am not alone in this assessment. There is a growing consensus that concerned parents should remove their children from the public school system as quickly as possible!" Another voice pleading with parents to count the cost of sending their children into government schools is Dr. James Dobson. In a Focus on the Family broadcast in March 2002, Dobson weighed in on the matter by saying, "I've been very careful not to be negative to the public schools because there are many Christian teachers that are struggling mightily to do what's right there, and I haven't wanted to put pressure on them. But given the fact that, in every classroom across the nation, for 13 public school years, our kids are being taught homosexual propaganda and these other politically correct postmodern views, I think it's time to get our kids out. This godless and immoral curriculum and influence in the public schools is gaining momentum across the nation in ways that were unheard of just one year ago. It's as though the dam has now broken and activists representing various causes, including homosexuality, are rushing through the breach in ways that are shocking." The question is therefore, if mainstream "Christian" writers can be so bold as to make such declarations, why do we as True Believers find it difficult? This is a critical decision that cannot be taken lightly as the future of Yahweh's Heritage depends on it! The believer must understand that times are different from when we attended school - very different - and that our young and impressionable children are the ones who will suffer from our inaction!

The heart of the issue is not about academics, but the curriculum and indoctrination that our children are receiving in spite of how nice their teacher is or how quaint their school is. But if you are in a position where you must leave your child in the public school system, it is imperative to be fully informed of these issues and be very involved in your child's education and life! The advocates and promoters of these agendas rely on the uninvolved and uncaring general populous that is more interested in acquiring personal wealth and free time than they are in investing in their children's moral and spiritual character. Brothers and Sisters, we must not allow ourselves to be so manipulated! We must become intricately involved in the lives of our children, the heritage of Yahweh, so that we can protect them from the egregious influences of the world that try to tear them away from serving God! As Jacob wrestled with the angel all through the night in an effort to secure a blessing from him, we must also fight these most pervasive influences on behalf of our children, who are too young to do so themselves! The task is time consuming and difficult, but the reward is priceless, as we desire to witness our children walking in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. If we fail in this most important endeavor, deeming the battle too difficult to win or the war too hard to wage, then it will be our children who ultimately are the conquered, as the world will overcome them through her enticements. Ultimately we are responsible for training up a child in the way he should go, and are instructed in Titus 1:9 regarding the necessity of holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort, and to confute the opposers."

Arthur and Lizabeth Sankey, Morrison, CO