125 years - 1885-2010 - Anniversary Issue

His truth endureth to all generations. - Psalm 100:5


The Christadelphian Advocate recognizes its 125th anniversary this month, surely a longer duration than its founder, Brother Thomas Williams, might ever have imagined.

In the realm of magazines The Advocate is an insignificant publication with an inconsequential circulation to a readership of no commercial importance. Yet it has endured, endured beyond the present day giants of the magazine industry such as TIME Magazine - the oldest news magazine in the U.S. at 87 years; enduring despite controversy and financial difficulties at earlier times in its history. The Advocate was brought into existence to "advocate" for the Truth and to enhance communication among believers in North America. Looking back over its work all these years we find a revealing chronicle of faithfulness to the magazine's founding principles and an in-triguing story of determination as well as perseverance in the face of trial and opposition.

Not all that constitutes the history of The Advocate is admirable because it represents the efforts of fallible men. Nevertheless, its legacy of stalwartness on behalf of the truths the Unamended community has held so dear serves as an example and a source of encouragement. We offer this issue to Advocate readers with the knowledge that the magazine occupies a treasured place in the hearts of its long-time friends, and with the expectation that this special issue will stir reflection from which its friends and contributors might be further encouraged.

The Christadelphian Advocate Publishing Committee

A Note About Unsigned Articles

Most articles in this issue were a collaborative effort of members of The Christadelphian Advocate Publishing Committee. While different members had the lead role for different articles, most articles were reviewed by and contributed to by the full committee. Therefore, the committee decided that none of the articles would be signed to reflect the team effort involved in their compilation. Where articles quote from earlier writing, the original style and format has been preserved to the fullest extent possible.