Lift Up Your Heads

He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. - Jeremiah 23:28

We have seen that the Scriptures teach the fall of man and his kingdom and the consequent evils universal in the earth. The testimonies cited glowingly promise redemption and restitution... By what means does God's revealed plan provide for the great and universal remedy promised? ... The world's salvation is not to be found in man, but it must proceed from God; righteous laws and wise government must come from heaven, the source of all wisdom and goodness. It is no vain speculation to say that such a grand state of things awaits this burdened world of ours, and that it will be realized in the establishment of the kingdom of God universally in all the earth. ...When this kingdom of God sweeps from the face of the earth the wickedness of man and fills the earth to its utmost bounds with the glory of the Lord, the world's redemption will be a grand and glorious reality.

Thomas Williams, The World's Redemption, Chapter 3

About The Front Cover

A couple, gazing at the heavens in New Zealand, observes shooting stars. Our Lord foretold signs in the sun, moon and stars (Luke 21:24) at the time of his second coming - symbolically referencing human governments as the political heavens as well as the possibility of literal phenomena like the star that appeared at the time of his birth.