Advocate Index: 2005

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1Bidding One GodspeedJim Millay
5 Should the NASU Proposal be Implemented?Advocate Committee
10 By Their FruitsAnnette Shelton
12 Our Reasonable Service (1)Ronnie Sanders
15 Love Not the Things of the World (2)Sidney Fitzgerald
18Q & A: Temptations of the Lord Jesus - internal or external?Robert Miller
21ATDA: Sesame Street, Hamas, Cell Phones, Terror VictimsJim Washeck
24 Ecclesial News: Tulsa, OK; Stanton, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Hamilton, ON
IBC Announcements: Christadelphian Books CD, Bible Study Lessons
BC Fraternal Gathering Feature: Chicago, IL Gatherings
25 Mercy On Whom He WillJim Millay
28 The Role of Serving BrethrenAlan Ghent
34 Our Reasonable Service (2)Ronnie Sanders
36 Selected Thoughts: Attitude
37 The Mix of Islam and OilJames Farrar
41 Strong Words of JesusKen Wood
43 The Bible and TattoosMary Jane Farrar
45Q & A: Giving heed to or following fablesRobert Miller
48ATDA: Oslo Accords, PLO Gunmen, Darwin, TV & Teen SexJim Washeck
51 Ecclesial News: Henderson, KY; Canadian BS; Plymouth, MA; NEBS
IBC Echoes From the Past: WordsIslip Collyer
BC Fraternal Gathering Feature: Rocky Mountain Fall Gathering
52 Announcement: Advocate Subject Index (1985-2004)
53 Come Out and Be Ye SeparateJim Millay
56 The Problem of Suffering (1)Richard Farrar
59 Our Reasonable Service (3)Ronnie Sanders
62ATDA: Israel/Terrorism,, Israel's Defensive Strength, HomosexualityJim Washeck
63 The Day The Flag Came DownJames Farrar
69Q & A: Meaning of " the spirits of just men made perfect"Robert Miller
72 Strong Words of Jesus (2)Ken Wood
75 Ecclesial News: Finger Lakes, NY; Forest Hills Ecclesia, Woodstock, ON
76 Mailing: Joy Book - Denver Colorado Ecclesia
BC Fraternal Gathering Feature: Ontario Christadelphian Ecclesias Semi-Annual Gathering
IBC Appeal: Camp ShalomTom Primerano
77 Earnestly ContendingJim Millay
80 The Problem of Suffering (2)Richard Farrar
83 Our Reasonable Service (4)Ronnie Sanders
86 Self and the Mind of ChristEdwin Wye
90 Does Scripture Support a Rebellion at the End of the Millennium?R.D. Burns
94 Coping With LifeJonathan M. Farrar
96Q & A: The Worship of JesusE. R. Evans
98ATDA: Locusts, atheist & God, Jewish law supersedes Israeli lawJim Washeck
100 Ecclesial News: Chicago, Il; La Luz, NM; Camp Shalom; Fingers Lakes Youth Gathering
IBC New Publication: Sanctification and ReconciliationWayne Tanner
BC Fraternal Gathering Feature: New England Christadelphian Fraternal Gatherings
101 From WithinJim Millay
104 The Problem of SufferingRichard Farrar
106 Let Us Play A Good Part (1)E.R. Evans
111 The China FactorJames Farrar
115 Our Reasonable Service (5)Ronnie Sanders
118ATDA: Dutch team/ Jewish identity, "We are lucky Arabs", AuschwitzJim Washeck
121Q & A: Pharisees and Sadducees against ChristRobert Miller
124 Ecclesial News: Hamilton, On; NEBS; La Luz, NM
IBC Announcement: Updated Conscientious Objection CD
BC Gathering Feature: Married Couples' Edification Weekend Skeleton Lake, ON
125 The Art of LabelingJim Millay
128 Let Us Play A Good Part (2)E.R. Evans
132 The Precious Blood of JesusCharles Walker
135 The Milk and the Meat of the WordAlan Pursell
138ATDA: Teens' faith, Dickens, G rating, What's in a name?Jim Washeck
140 Chronicles of the KingsMary Jane Farrar
142Q & A: "...satan himself is transformed into an angel of light"Robert Miller
145 Three MiraclesEdwin Wye
148 Ecclesial News: Chicago, Il; Finger Lakes, NY; Monroe, LA; Rocky Mountain Fall Gathering
BC Announcement: 2005 Edition "The World's Redemption" available
149 Nutrition, Diet and ExerciseJim Millay
152 The Yoke and the CrossEdwin Wye
155 The Lord of HostsRandy Morrissette
158Q & A: "...Before Abraham was, I am" explainedRobert Miller
161 Tsunami: upon the earth distress of nationsCalvin Dodl
166ATDA: Protocol of the elders, Russia & Jurors consulted BibleJim Washeck
168 Echoes from the Past on Bible Fundamentals: The DevilAlbert Hall
172 Ecclesial News: Houston, TX; Hamilton, ON; Finger Lakes, NY; Forest Hill, VA
BC Doctrines: Doctrines Christadelphians Believe and Teach
173 Christ's NatureJim Millay
177 Cheese and CrackersDavid Estey
180 Even So Minister The Same One To AnotherPat Hamilton
185ATDA: Ex-Muslim Warning, Christ out of BC, Patriarch of TerrorJim Washeck
187 Observations of FellowshipLyman Miner
191Q & A: Did Eve experience lust In the Garden as described in JamesWayne Tanner
193 Current Events: PA Sermon: Subjugate Christians, Exterminate Jews
194 Angelic QuestionsJerry Markwith
195 Books: World's Redemption 2005, The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus
196 Ecclesial News: Ontario Gathering; Hodgenville, KY; Springfield, VT;
IBC Nature and Destiny of Man
BC Picture: D.W. Bughman "Garden of Eden-Chart of Salvation"
197 Love Not The World.comJim Millay
200 Whatever Happened to Dignity?E. R. Evan
202 Beware the Social GospelJim Washeck
204ATDA: Protestants celebrate Mary, growing anti-SemitismJim Washeck
206 Lies From the PulpitAndrew DeLorenzo
207 Today's Events Foretold over Three Thousand Years AgoJames Farrar
211 What Manner of Persons Ought We to BeWayne Tanner
214Q & A: Did Paul taking a vow endorse keeping Law of Moses Robert Miller
217 Open Letter: Conferences on communicationAdvocate Committee
218 Ecclesial News: Arlington, VA; Chicago, IL; Mt. Sherman, Clinton, AR
IBC Wisdom and Knowledge: Learning
221 Thy Word Is TruthJim Millay
224 The Eight BlessingsWilliam Tucker
227ATDA: Al-Qaida, UN Terror resolutionJim Washeck
229Q & A: Adam and Eve and the Tree of LifeRobert Miller
232 Russia's comebackJames Farrar
236 The Tongue of the Egyptian SeaE. R. Evans
237 Strength In convictionKaren Dumas
240 Ecclesial News: Clearwater-Largo; Finger lakes; Concord, LA; Richmond Hall; Palm coast; Nashville
242 Bee Positive- No EvolutionJames Taggart
BC Kentucky Bible School
245 Whirlwind from the SouthJim Millay
248 Treasure In Earthen VesselsKen Wood
251 What Year Is It?Tom Northey
256 The Joy of GivingArt Houghton
259ATDA: Unbelieving Clergy, School Bible study, Mega churchesJim Washeck
262 Who Will Be Raised From the Dead: doctrine of resurrectionJonathan Farrar
267 Ecclesial News: La Luz; Austin; South Hill; Cape Coral/Fort Meyers; North Little Rock
BC Israel and the Arab World
269 Our Harbor of RefugeJim Millay
272 Demas -Deserter or Disciple?Alan Ghent
275ATDA: Balfour Declaration sale, PLOJim Washeck
278 Where is the Joy?: our heritage, our children, our hope
281Q & A: angel touched the hallow of Jacobs thighRobert Miller
283 Let Us Go On Unto PerfectionArt Sankey, Joey Moon
287 Cutting StraightJames Farrar
289 Ecclesial News: Cornvile, ME; Good Hope, AR; Hamilton, ON; Mt. Sherman, KY; Providence, RI; Springfield, VT; 2006 Texas BS
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