Advocate Index: 2006

Page Title Author
1Praise the LordJim Millay
4 Weather - In God's HandsDavid Shelton
8ATDA: HIV/AIDS; Sex on TV; Family Structure; Home SchoolingJim Washeck
10Q & A: Psalm 83Robert Miller
13 Entertainment/Pleasure: Our children, our heritage, our hope
16 The Book of LifeTerry Smith
20 Should Christadelphians Home School?Liz Sankey
23 Ecclesial News: Landenberg, PA; NEBS; Good Hope, AR; Christadelphian Caring Network
BC New Book Available: Things Concerning
25 Blindness in PartJim Millay
28 A Chosen GenerationRalph DiLiberto
31ATDA: Eurabia ;Palestinians; Iran;Jim Washeck
34 Serving One Another in the Bonds of Love
37 In Isaac Shall thy Seed Be CalledJames Farrar
40Q & A: resurrection of the uncovenantedRobert Miller
43 Sanctification and ReconciliationBobby Cox
44 The Case For Intelligent Design (1)Richard Farrar
48 Ecclesial News: Arlington, VA; Concord, LA; Good Hope, AR; South Florida; Bloomington winter BS; Katrina Victims thank you
BC Doctrines Christadelphians Believe and Teach
Confirming and Defending our Faith in the 21st Century
49 A Rallying CryAdvocate Committee
52 Adamic CondemnationAdvocate Committee
58 In Adam or In ChristAdvocate Committee
62 The Sacrifice of ChristAdvocate Committee
68 Resurrection to JudgmentAdvocate Committee
72 Why These Things MatterAdvocate Committee
78 Misconceptions and QuestionsAdvocate Committee
81 A Summary GlanceAdvocate Committee
85 Cold Waters to a Thirsty SoulJim Millay
87Exhortation: paths, brothers and sistersArt Houghton
90ATDA: Israel's contributions to the worldJim Washeck
92 A Living Hope
95Q & A: clouds - literal or symbolic?Robert Miller
98 Let Us Arise, and Go Up To BethelRandy Morrissette
101 A Definition of FaithLyman Miner
102 The Case For Intelligent Design (2)Richard Farrar
IBC Food for Thought
113 Except Ye Be ConvertedJim Millay
116 Let A Man Examine HimselfJane Baldridge
119 Self Examination Quiz
120 The Power of BeliefIslip Collyer
121Q & A: Hard master/wicked-slothful servantsRobert Miller
124ATDA: God dead in Europe; Limbo, Truth of Bible doubted by Catholic churchJim Washeck
128 Behind The HatredJim Washeck
132 By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith (1)Wayne Tanner
135 The Ancient Peoples of Palestine In the World TodayE. R. Evan
140 Ecclesial News: Arkansas BS; Hattiesburg, MS gathering
141 The Words of His MouthJim Millay
144 Divine Providence In ActionMarilyn Rogers
147ATDA: Evolution; Science & Faith;Jim Washeck
150Q & A: Is Jesus the "I Am" of Exodus 3:14Robert Miller
153 By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith (2)Wayne Tanner
156 Why Is Israel Giving Up Its Inheritance? (1)Richard Farrar
160 Why Crucifixion?Randy Morrissette
IBC Ecclesial News: Los Angeles, CA; St. Paul, MN; Hodgenville, KY; NEBS
BC Springfield, VT: history of Springfield VT ecclesia
165 Hair-Splitting StrifeJim Millay
168 The Reward of SufferingTerry Smith
172 Why Is Israel Giving Up Its Inheritance? (2)Richard Farrar
176ATDA: Immigrants, billionaires in Israel; IranJim Washeck
179Q & A: parable of unjust stewardRobert Miller
182 Ole BucketmouthW. Lynn Harrell
185 Judgement (1)Don Lockard
188 Ecclesial News: Los Angeles, CA; Chicago/Bloomington, Il; Springfield, VT
IBC His Rules
BC Lightstand Initiative: The Biblical Purpose of the Ecclesia
189 Stand Fast In The FaithJim Millay
192 Judgement (2)Don Lockard
195ATDA: Harry Potter, World Council of Churches, First Temple Seal, Gospel of Judas?Jim Washeck
198Q & A: Colossians 1:24Robert Miller
200 The First Breaking of BreadRonnie Sanders
204 The Biblical Analogy of A PrisonJonathan Farrar
207 Why Me? Why Not Me?Dan ,Sr. Ribaudo
210 Ecclesial News: Cape Coral/North Fort Myers; Garfield; Los Angeles; Arkansas Fall Gathering
IBC Religion and Sports: Islam against soccer
213 Matthew 18 RevisitedJim Millay
216 ChastisementAaron, Sr. Schofield
220 Why Are Christadelphians Conscientious Objectors?E.R. Evans
222 God's Coming Kingdom On Earth (1)Rick Farrar
225 The Eastern GateJames Farrar
229ATDA: baptism, heaven & hell, resurrectionJim Washeck
232Q & A: baptized for the deadRobert Miller
235 The Melchizedek PriesthoodTerry Smith
238 Preface- Bible CompanionRobert Roberts
239 Ecclesial News: Henderson, KY; Camp shalom; Finger Lakes; Springfield, VT
IBC Psalm 83: Timely Copy Discovered
BC West Chatham, MA
241 Armageddon?Jim Millay
244 The Lord's PrayerJim Henley
247ATDA: Al Aqsa, Israel, Atheist, EuropeJim Washeck
250 The End Of the WorldSteve Millay
254Q & A: heap coals of fire on headRobert Miller
257 Jewish Thoughts On Peace In Israel
260 God's coming Kingdom On Earth (2)Rick Farrar
264 Ecclesial News: Los Angeles; Hamilton; Finger Lakes; Good Hope; Palm Coast;
BC Remembering Bro. L.E. ParkerCalvin Dodl
The Biblical Purpose of the Ecclesia
266 Perfecting The SaintsScott Cram
269 The Work Of The MinistryJames Farrar
273 The Edifying Of The BodyMike Cude
275 Maintaining Sound TeachingSid Strickland
279 True WorshipDavid Love
283 Maintaining Our VisionJim Millay
286 Do All To The Glory Of GodDavid Hill
BC, IBC Principles-Biblical Purpose of the Ecclesia
289 Violence In The EarthJim Millay
292 Wisdom and Prudence In The EcclesiaDavid Hill
295Q & A: three friends of JobRobert Miller
298ATDA: Israel-Lebanon ConflictJim Washeck
301 My Son's BaptismRichard Ferreira
304 The World Is FlatThomas Crabtree
308 Ecclesial News: Montrose, Richmond Chapel, Forest Hills, Richmond Hall, Schooley's Mt, Woodstock
311 Clothed In LinenA.B. Bryan