Advocate Index: 2008

Page Title Author
3Making Many BooksJim Millay
6 Wisdom and FollyRonnie Sanders
8ATDA: titles mom & dad banished, occult, IsraelJim Washeck
11 One Hundred Years Ago: article from 1908William Grant
12 Answer Not A FoolRobert Miller
15 The Marvelous Gift of The Coats of SkinRandy Morrissette
21 Precious StonesTony DeLorenzo
24 Israel's Coming Conversion: Its Cause and TimingJoe Arabia
27 Ecclesial News: Monroe, LA; Hamilton, Burlington, ON; NEBS
28 Again We Are AloneJames Farrar
BC The Future of the Star Eta Carinae : Signs and wonders in the heavens
35 Rise Up and BuildJim Millay
39 Another Perspective On The Woman at The WellKen Wood
44ATDA: Russia, IranMike Cude
46 Saved and SalvationRobert Miller
49 The Antichrist DelusionTerry Smith
54 An Appeal for The Prophetic MethodJames Farrar
59 The Day The Lord Hath Made
60 The SapphireTony DeLorenzo
61 Joseph Forgiveness: a Torah Perspective: Springfield, VT
IBC Ecclesial News & Bulletin Board
BC The Leafy Sea Dragon
67 Fear of the LordJim Washeck
70 Discerning The Memorial ServiceJim Millay
73ATDA: Environmental gospel, Oprah & new age, atheist Sunday schoolMike Cude
76 The Mediatorship Of ChristRobert Miller
80 Jesus As The Son of DavidPhillip Sweeny
84 Precious Stones: The ChalcedonyTony DeLorenzo
86 A Contrast of Two Returns (1) James Farrar
89 Our Spiritual MindsetMichael Ferreira
91 Genesis: BeginningsPat Hart
85,93,95 Ecclesial News & Notice of Planned Trip to Israel: South Central, Montana; Richmond Forest Hill; Arkansas Spring Gathering; Good Hope, Ark.; Burlington, ON
BC History of The San Saba Texas Ecclesia
99 Open Letter To ChristadelphiansIslip Collyer
105 My Times Are In Thy HandRichard Ferreira
108ATDA: Russia & Putin, US State of Union addressMike Cude
111 Back In The Garden?Robert Miller
114 A Search For TruthScott Cram
115 Precious Stones: The Carbuncle StoneTony DeLorenzo
117 A Contrast of Two Returns (2)James Farrar
121 Flee to the MountainsMike Macdonald
123 Casting The First StoneEdward Farrar
125 Ecclesial News: Good Hope, AR; Monroe, LA ; Garfield Ecclesia, NJ
127 New Testament Evidence Israel's ReturnIslip Collyer
BC Garfield Ecclesia at Randolph
131 To Him That OvercomethJim Millay
134 The Terms We Use - GraceDavid M. de Caussin
140ATDA: Syria, earthquakes, Jerusalem a stumbling stone,Mike Cude
143 Divine Foreshadowing In The LawRobert Miller
146 Perfecting The Saints (Lightstand Initiative # 1)Jim Millay
149 A Contrast of Two Returns (3) The Implications of The DifferencesJames Farrar
153 Jeremiah's Message of HopeLyman Miner
157 Precious Stones: The SardonyxTony DeLorenzo
IBC Ecclesial News: Joplin, MO; Illinois Village Ecclesia
BC Mountaingrove Christadelphian Chapel: Hamilton Ontario ecclesia moves
163 The Life That Now IsJim Millay
166 (1) The Last Words Of ChristKen Wood
170ATDA: Re-Judaizing Jesus, Franco-Russian Relations, Israel threatened againMike Cude
173 Divine Foreshadowing In the LawRobert Miller
177 Learning To Be One Body (Lightstand Initiative # 2)David Love
180 Precious Stones: The SardiusTony DeLorenzo
182 No Thing New Under The SunMarilyn Rogers
184 FellowshipJonathan Farrar
188 The Pillar And The Ground Of The TruthRobert Miller
190 Ecclesial News: Syracuse, IN; Del Rio, TX; Denver, CO
BC Just How Old Is That Fossil?
195 Add To Your FaithJim Millay
198 (2) The Last Words of ChristKen Wood
201ATDA: Al-Quaida, Ahmadinejad, dysfunctional Jewish State,Mike Cude
204 (1) Vanquishers of The PeopleRobert Miller
207 Iron Sharpens Iron (Lightstand Initiative # 3)Mike Cude
210 Precious Stones: The ChrysoliteTony DeLorenzo
212 The Grass WitherethElaine Pajka
214 God Manifestation and Human SalvationJoshua Vest
217 Reflections on Israel At Sixty
220 Ecclesial News: publishing policy; Henderson, KY; Joplin, MO
222 Walking In TruthJanet Ribaudo
227 God Working In YouJim Millay
230 (3) The Last Word of ChristKen Wood
234ATDA: new Tower of Babel, America Israel's ally. EarthquakeMike Cude
237 (2) Vanquishers of The PeopleRobert Miller
240 Be Not Conformed To This World (Lightstand Initiative # 4)Sid Strickland
243 Precious Stones - The BerylTony DeLorenzo
246 Walking With FaithJanet Baldridge
248 Marrying And Giving In MarriageAndrew DeLorenzo
251 The Cities Of The PlainJames Farrar
253 Ecclesial News: Springfield, VT; Fort Smith, AR;
254 A Letter From The Publishing Committee: statement of purpose, new Editor
BC The Advocate Web Page
259 Wise As SerpentsJim Millay
262 (4) The Last Words Of ChristKen Wood
265ATDA: Israel's Sixtieth, 2000 yr old palm seed at MasadaMike Cude
268 The Blessing of Ephraim and ManassehRobert Miller
272 Self-Examination (Lightstand Initiative # 5)David Hill
275 Precious Stones, The TopazTony DeLorenzo
278 A Certain CenturionJerry Jr. Markwith
280 The Lord Is ComingSteve Millay
283 A Paradox Of The GospelJames Farrar
286 Ecclesial News: Mountain Grove Chapel, On; Springfield, VT; Tulsa, OK; La Luz, NM ;Hattiesburg, MS
BC God's Creation: Natural and Spiritual: Sister Sarah Bouma's baptism
291 The Tongue In Our MembersJim Millay
294 (5) The Last Words Of ChristKen Wood
297ATDA: Iran, PutinMike Cude
300 Gentiles: A Law Unto Themselves?Robert Miller
303 Mentoring: Developing Our Youth (Lightstand Initiative # 6)Ralph DiLiberto
306 Precious Stones, The ChrysoprasusTony DeLorenzo
308 Rules For Interpreting Scripture
310 Seeking KnowledgeJosh Vest
313 Who Is Edom In Scripture?Harold E. Lafferty
317 One Language, One SpeechJim Washeck
318 Ecclesial News: Henderson, KY; Garfield, NJ; Finger Lakes, NY
BC Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters: baptism of Bro. Bob Williams
323 They Which Are ApprovedJim Millay
326 (6) The Last Words Of ChristKen Wood
328ATDA: Palin & Israel, lmert, RussiaMike Cude
332Q & A: Shall A Woman Compass A ManRobert Miller
335 Developing Godliness (Lightstand Initiative #7)Scott Cram
338 Precious Stones - The JacinthTony DeLorenzo
340 Developments In The Unity ProcessAdvocate Committee
341 Should Believers Vote?Harold E. Thomas
345 One Thousand SynagoguesJames Farrar
347 Man's Hope Versus Our HopeSidney Fitzgerald
350 Ecclesial News: San Antonio, TX; Williamsburg
BC Summary Table: The Twelve Precious Stones
355 Why We Believe- Special IssueAdvocate Committee
356 About Substance And Evidence: an apology of the truthAdvocate Committee
359 The Origin of The BibleThomas Williams
363 The Sure Word Of ProphecyE.R. Evans
367 Chance, Providence and Modern IsraelJames Farrar
371 Discoveries From The Past that Confirm the BibleJames Horton
376 The Seal of Hagab
377 The Ring Of TruthRobert Miller
382 Miracles and FaithJim Millay
386 Professor Richard Dawkins' Recent AdmissionMelanie Phillips
BC Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant