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3From The EditorJim Washeck
6ATDA: IsraelMike Cude
8 The Last Words Of Christ (7)Ken Wood
11 Precious Stones: The AmethystTony DeLorenzo
14 The Lord Is At HandJim Washeck
21 In Defense of The Gospel RecordsBill Farrar
25 Work of the Past Editor: Bro. Jim MillayCommittee Advocate
26Ecclesial News: Providence, RI; Finger Lakes, NY
IBC Falling Asleep of Two Beloved BrethrenCommittee Advocate
BC The Breastplate
Our Statement of FaithJim Washeck
35 When And For Whom Were The Gospels Written? (2)Bill Farrar
38 Take Heed How Ye BuildBob Chisholm
41ATDA: Israel's 60 Years, European Anti-SemitismMike Cude
44 For Whom Did Christ Die?Robert Miller
47 Abraham Saw The Place Afar OffCasey King
50 Questions Answered By The EditorThomas Williams
54Ecclesial News: Burlington, ON: N. Little Rock, AR
BC New Booklet For Presenting The Truth
59 Lessons In Self-ExaminationJim Washeck
62 Making connectionsJanet Ribaudo
63 The Gospels: When and For Whom?(3)Bill Farrar
66 The Pearl of Great PriceJim Golz
70ATDA: Russia/Europe Gas, Iran's Hamas strategy, Nuclear IranMike Cude
73 Who Shall Give Account?Robert Miller
77 The Fourth FrontJames Farrar
79 Coping With Stress In Times of Economic TurmoilRichard Farrar
83 Churchill and The JewsJames Farrar
84Ecclesial News: Mt. Sherman, KY; Burlington, ON; Woodstock, ON; La Luz, NM; Huntsville, ON; Phoenix, AZ; SW Austin, TX; St. Paul, MN
BC Virginia Christadelphian Youth Camp 2009
91 On Unity ProposalsCommittee Advocate
96 (4) The Star of Bethlehen- Part IBill Farrar
100 ExhortationJames Laird
102ATDA: economy, banks,laid off workers in Israel, Israel's natural gas findMike Cude
105 Ye Must Be Born AgainRobert Miller
107 Truth, God and JoyBill Tucker
111 (2) Coping With Stress in times of Economic TurmoilRichard Farrar
114Ecclesial News: Denver, CO; Austin, TX; Martinville, AR
BC Finger Lakes Young People's Gathering
119 The Problem of JoyJim Washeck
122 The Star of Bethlehem - Part IIBill Farrar
127 The Personal Salvation of ChristMichael Hawkins
129ATDA: terrorist watch list. PA state, US- Russia tiesMike Cude
132 Every Knee Shall BowRobert Miller
135 The Wisdom of God In Choosing A Scholar In the Law As The Apostle To The GentilesRandy Morrissette
139 Who Wrote This?Allen D Strickler
141 The Praises of Israel Vol IMary Jane Farrar
143Ecclesial News: Fayetteville, AR; NEBS
147 Strange Fire In The House of The Lord: The Danger of EcumenicalismJim Washeck
151 (6) The Temptation of the Lord JesusBill Farrar
155 Is Sinful Flesh Sinful?Thomas Williams
156ATDA: 9.0 Quake Seattle;World Single CurrencyMike Cude
160 Christianity Is No Longer American's Default Faith
162 Two Parts of ThreeJames Farrar
166 A Walk Through The Wonderful WordEdgar Gelineau
IBCEcclesial News: New Mexico BS; Richmond Hall
BC The Christadelphians (History)
175 Israel - God's WinessJim Washeck
179 (7) The Flight Into EgyptBill Farrar
182ATDA: Israel & Obama; Pope & IslamMike Cude
185 The Second DeathRobert Miller
188 The World's DiseasesIda M. Nungasser
189 Jesus' Words to Resist EvilRichard Farrar
191 PaidagogosJosh Vest
195 The Court of The TabernacleRobert Roberts
197Ecclesial News: Texas BS; Glendale, AZ
198 Bro. Williams Travels to England And Wales
BC Bro. Williams Travels to England And Wales - poster & picture
203 I Will Be Sanctified In ThemJim Washeck
206 (8) Tiberias Bill Farrar
209ATDA: Atheists; IslamMike Cude
212 It's Your ChoiceSidney Fitzgerald
215 Animal Sacrifices in the KingdomRobert Miller
218 Upon What Can Faith Be Buttressed?James Laird
220 The Believer's Relationship to Governing AuthorityRichard Farrar
224 Response to the EditorMike MacDonald
226 Christ To Subdue All EnemiesJ.J. Andrew
227 Ecclesia's Trip To US Halocaust MuseumMarcia Smoke
231 Regarding Fear and MercyJim Washeck
234 (9) Background to our Lord's Public TeachingBill Farrar
238 The Instruction of a FatherJoe Arabia
242ATDA: Israel, Palestine & America; Metamorphoses World's Tallest buildingMike Cude
245 How should Believer's Interpret Submission to governing Authority?Richard Farrar
248 The Spinal Cord of Divine WitnessE.R. Evans
250 The Crux of The MatterRobert Miller
254Ecclesial News: Hattiesburg Gathering; Berea Ecclesia, South Hill, Va\A; Burlington, Ont
BC The Miracle of Monarch Butterfly Migration
259 The Sin of SodomJim Washeck
263 (10) The Gerasenes and "Legion"Bill Farrar
267 The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At HandWayne R. Tanner
270ATDA: New Zealand Massive Earthuake, Japanese Earthquake; Fatah; Levi StraussMike Cude
273 First, That Which Is Natural: And Afterward That Which Is SpiritualRobert Miller
276 (4) Resisting An Unprovoked Offensive ActionRichard Farrar
279 Two Parts of Three (Part 2)James Farrar
283 Two Mysteries
285Ecclesial News: Richmond Hall, VA; North Little Rock AR; Randolph, NJ; Huntsville, ON
IBC Annual Statement of Ownership
BC Shrine Of The Book
291 Special Issue: Introduction: Anniversary of Darwin's bookCommittee Advocate
293 The Centenary Critique of Darwin's Theory: thoughts of W.R ThompsonJames Farrar
295 Diversity: Evolution's ProblemJosh Vest
297 The Origin Of LanguagesJames Washeck
302 Expelled: review of movie Expelled:No Intelligence AllowedJames Millay
304 A Reasoned Response to DarwinBill Farrar
309 The Heavens Declare The Glory of GodJames Horton
316 The Priviledged Planet
318 Evolution Sunday
319 For the Wisdom of this World is Foolishness with GodRobert Miller
322 Science Discovers GodBill Farrar
323 If Evolution Were TrueJames Farrar
BC Great Scientists Believed In A Creator
331 Redeeming The TimeJim Washeck
334 (11) Some Vocabulary of the Lord JesusBill Farrar
338 The Need For Intercessory PrayerHarold Lafferty
342ATDA: Two Threats To Israel; Putin warns against Iran attackMike Cude
344 What Is Fellowship?
345Q & A: sabbathRobert Miller
348 (5) Responding To Threats of Physical Harm To Those Under Our CareRick Farrar
352Ecclesial News: Springfield, VT; Dallas, TX; Tulsa, OK; Kenbridge, VA; Stanton, TX; Longton, KS
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