Advocate Index: 2011

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3Peace On EarthJim Washeck
6 The House of AsaphJim Haagen
12 Accepting The ChallengePercy Kingston
15 The Word Made FleshRobert Miller
17 The Lesson of BalaamTerry Smith
20 Israel as a Type of ChristJames Farrar
23ATDA: Settlement Pact; Rachel's Tomb;24 New Cardinals; Canada & Us on IsraelMike Cude
IBCEcclesial News: Providence, RI; NLR, AR
31 Lift Up Your HeadsAdvocate Committee
33 Is The End Near?James Farrar
39 Prophetic Times: The 7000 Year PlanKen Wood
43 A Time Of TroubleRandy Morrissette
47 Shall He Find FaithJim Millay
50 The Fig Tree and All The TreesDavid Shelton
54 This GenerationJosh Vest
57 Watch and PrayBobby Henderson
60 Accounted Worthy To Obtain That WorldJim Washeck
BC God's 7000 Year Plan
67 The Peace of GodJim Washeck
70 The Church AdLinda MacDonald
73 Culture WarsJoshua Vest
77ATDA: Israel / Lebanese gas; earthquake in N Israel; Mark Zuckerberg; homeschoolingMike Cude
80 Blood Shedding SacrificesRobert Miller
83 Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
86 How Do Men Become The Sons of God?A. H. Zilmer
89Ecclesial News: Arlington, VA; Finger Lakes, NY
90 CymbalsJim Haagen
BC St. Louis, MO Ecclesia
95 UnbeliefJim Washeck
98 Written In Their ForeheadsLarry Millay
101 The Hebrew Majestic PluralJonathan Farrar
105ATDA: Sea and Waves RoaringMike Cude
107 The Perfect StormJim Millay
110 Two Parts of Three (Part 3)James Farrar
115 Land of Milk and HoneyRobert Miller
117Ecclesial News: Woodstock, ON
118 PsalteryJim Haagen
BC San Antonio, Texas Ecclesia
123 Introduction to Special Issue: King James BibleAdvocate Committee
124 King James
126 The Indelible LegacyE.R Evans
128 Which Translation?Unamended Sister
130 In Consideration of the King James Bible
136 The Majestic Language of the King James BibleE.R Evans
138 Internet Bible Study AidsEd Duffield
141 The Authorized Version (AV)Jim Stanton
IBC Psalm 23
BC Title Page of Original 1611 KJV
151 Paradigm PressureJames Farrar
155 Building a New HouseYvonne Mansour
157 The Golden Gate
159 Prayer to Christ?Jim Millay
161ATDA: PA ready to govern own country,1000 Hezbollah bunkers, 1848 vs. 2011Mike Cude
164 Resurrection in Relation to Valid BaptismThomas Williams
165 Pray Without CeasingSidney Fitzgerald
169 Embracing Truth and WisdomH. E. Lafferty
172 The Farm HandDavid Shelton
173Ecclesial News: San Antonio, TX; Woodstock, On.; Henderson, KY
174 LyreJim Haagen
179 Spiritual SacrificesJames Washeck
182 True RichesAaron Schofield
185 A Persistent PartnerWanda O'Kelley
186 Torah Observant Christians?Jim Millay
190 Introducing "The Bible Teaches"Advocate Committee
192 Update on Keeping The FaithFinger Lakes KTF Committee
194ATDA: The Nakba, World a Safer Place?, MulticulturalismMike Cude
197 The Lord's WatchersThomas Williams
199 Obama's Middle East Policy
202Ecclesial News: Woodstock, ON; Harlingen, TX;
203 Trumpets of Silver
207 The Obedience of FaithJim Washeck
210 The Devout BaptistMaureen Burd Shelton
211 The Road to EmmausChuck King
213 A Record of Apostasy in IsraelTerry Smith
219 First Death/ First Resurrection
221ATDA: Growing Food Crisis, Natural Disasters, Volcanoes, Harold CampingMike Cude
224 Kubeiza - The 1948 MiracleSharon Washeck
225 Our Historic Position on Conscientious Objection Committee
229Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; North Little Rock, AR; North Orlando, FL
231 Jubal playing the fluteJim Haagen
235 The Mercy of the LordJim Washeck
238 The Counsel of Moshe
240 The Thirty Year JourneyCharles Sedan
242 The City of DavidWayne Tanner
244ATDA: Arab Spring, Pledges to Palestinians, Christian churches read from QuranMike Cude
246 A Present Day Look at the Three Spirits like FrogsE. R. Evans
250 Summoned to Jury Duty Committee
255 At The Lord's TableJoice Bronte
257Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Springfield, VT; Denver, CO
258 The ShofarJim Haagen
263 Wisdom, Knowledge and StabilityJim Millay
266 The Beginning of WisdomJanna & Gerald Hjelm
269 Letter to the Editor: use of emulate in place of imitateUnamended Sister
271 In the Day That Thou Eatest...
273ATDA: Markets Dive, Putin & Eurasian unity, High Priest's bell, Churches against IsraelMike Cude
276 The Marriage Supper of the LambJames Laird
280 Learning from David Ben-Gurion: Israel's right to the landAvi Rath
281Ecclesial News: Denver, CO; N. Little Rock, AR; Henderson, KY
283 The TimbrelJim Haagen
287 The Sea and the Waves RoaringJim Washeck
291 Food For ThoughtDavid Shelton
295 A Little LeavenUnamended Sister
296 Many Were Made SinnersJim Millay
298ATDA: Mideast War, Israeli Troops with Bibles, 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Western WallMike Cude
302 Fifty-Six Hours from AnarchyH. E. Lafferty
305 Should Believers Vote or Participate in Politics? National Service Committee
308Ecclesial News: NLR, AR; Richmond Hall, VA; Berea South Hill, VA
310 Levitical SingersJim Haagen
311 Annual Statement of Ownership
315 The Day Is At HandJim Washeck
318 Instructions on Marriage in 1 Corinthians 7Joshua Vest
325 First Temple Ruins Discovered in IsraelUnamended Sister
327 Feet WashingKen Wood
329ATDA: Jewish al Jazeera, Oslo Agreements, ChrislamMike Cude
331 Letter to the Editor: summoned to jury dutyEdwin Evans, Richard Farrar
333 The Philosophy of SacrificeC. C. Vrendenburgh
336Ecclesial News: Mt. Sherman, KY; Stanton, TX
337 Lion
338 2011 Advocate Index Vol. 126