Advocate Index: 2012

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3 "Occupy" Protests Sweep the GlobeJim Washeck
7 The Ten CommandmentsJim Horton
14 The Lord Our God is OneMelissa Vest
17ATDA: Israel; Income for Top 1%; Palestinians
20 And The Prophet Gad Said...Randy Morrissette
21Ecclesial News: Longton, KS; Northeast, OK; NLR, AR; Burlington, ON; Providence, RI
BC The Ten Commandments
27 Written for Our LearningJim Washeck
30 Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before MeLynn Harrell
33 Greater Than John the Baptist?Ken Wood
35ATDA: Iran - Destroy all Jews; Bunker bombs; Gay rights, IrelandMike Cude
38 What Is Thy Name?Jim Goltz
44 Timelines: age of Jacob when he disguised himself
46 The Nature and Sacrifice of ChristThomas Williams
48 Letter to the Editor: Conscientious objectionPhilip Kapusta
49Ecclesial News: Richmond Hall, VA; Phoenix, AZ; Forest Hills, VA; Randolph NJ
51 The Ten Commandments Dead Sea Scroll
55 Praise HimJim Washeck
57 The Second CommandmentJosh Vest
62 My Grandmother AnnaMarjorie Agnello
64 Be Not Many MastersKen Wood
68 Falling Asleep of John Peake
69ATDA: US troops in Israel; Russia and IranMike Cude
72 ExhortationJames Laird
74 Forget Not My Law - King JosiahScott Cram
78Ecclesial News: NLR. AR; Burlington, ON
BC Graven Images
83 Strangers and PilgrimsJim Washeck
86 The Third CommandmentJames Farrar
90 Blasphemy Defined
91ATDA: Israel; two earth-sized planets; PA develop landMike Cude
95 Until The Fulness of the Gentiles Be Come InKen Wood
98 Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?Virgil Reed
100 What of Syria?H. E. Lafferty
103Ecclesial News: Springfield, VT
BC Names and Titles of The Deity
107 Lest We Be HardenedJim Washeck
110 The Fourth CommandmentMike MacDonald
114 Because Ye Believed Me NotKen Wood
116ATDA: Israeli EMP weapon; same-sex marriage; Muslim friendly BiblesMike Cude
119 The Marriage Theme Within God's PlanJohn Manson
124 Reflections on Sharing the TruthUnamended Sister
125 Another Look at the TrinityE. R. Evans
128 Questions Answered by the EditorThomas Williams
130Ecclesial News: Finger Lakes, NY
131 Entering IntoJames Farrar
135 Worshipping in Spirit and in TruthJim Washeck
138 Christadelphian HymnsBecky Northey
142 The Fifth CommandmentRalph DiLiberto
146 Cast Thy Bread Upon the WatersKen Wood
148ATDA: Skunk Bombs; Catholic Church Demonizes IsraelMike Cude
151 GratitudeGerald Hjelm
154 The Hope of Israel: Our HopeRobert Miller
158Ecclesial News: Collinston, LA; La Luz, NM; Springfield, VT; Mountain Grove, ON
163 Come Out of Her, My PeopleJim Washeck
167 The Sixth CommandmentRandy Morrissette
169 The Glory of Christ Before the World WasKen Wood
172ATDA: Flytilla; Canada Israel's friend; Sweden gender neutrality; gay on TV; births outside marriageMike Cude
175 The Myth of Junk DNAJames Farrar
179 The Transforming Power of the Truth B.L.
182Ecclesial News: Arlington, VA; Austin, TX; Denver, CO
BC Biblical Archeological Discoveries
187 A Conscience Void of Offence Toward GodJim Washeck
191 The Seventh CommandmentKevin Stark
193ATDA: Israel's Edible Exports; Russia Natural Gas; Women in Israeli Defense; Computer Virus Hits IranMike Cude
197 One Hundred Years Ago (1)Christmas Evans
200 Criticizing World LeadersWayne Tanner
201 A Great Cloud of WitnessesSarah Farrar
206 Know Questions on The BibleMary Jane Farrar
207Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ
211 Fellow Citizens With the SaintsJim Washeck
214 The Eighth CommandmentEd Duffield
219 If Ye Forgive Not Men Their TrespassesSister Unamended
221 The Spirits In PrisonKen Wood
223ATDA: Mahdi Fever; P.A. terminology guide; Zionists blamed for world drug trade; Moses a Muslim?Mike Cude
227 One Hundred Years Ago (2)Robert Roberts
231 Are We to Examine Ourselves...?Bobby Cox
234Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Phoenix, AZ; La Luz, NM; Del Rio, TX; Richmond Chapel, VA
239 Preserving Our Bible School HeritageAdvocate Committee
245 The Ninth CommandmentJonathan Farrar
249ATDA: Catholic Church; US Drought; IDF
250 Shall Not Want a Man to Stand Before Me ForeverKen Wood
253 Jerusalem 586BCJosh Vest
256 Fellowship - Human or DivineCharles H. French
261 Blessed are the PeacemakersJohn Peake
263Ecclesial News: Springfield, VT
BC Reflections
267 Man Shall Not Live By Bread AloneJames Washeck
270 The Tenth CommandmentDon Northey
272 Be Not Righteous Over MuchKen Wood
274 The Rise of AtheismMike Cude
278 Beginnings in South WalesChristmas Evans
280 The Refiner and the PotterMartha Chiles, Mary Jane Farrar
284 What Think Ye of Christ?T.S. Norman
286 Update on "The Bible Teaches"
288Ecclesial News: Finger Lakes, NY; Richmond Chapel, VA; Kenridge/Richmond, VA
290 Annual Statement of Ownership
BC Exhortation for the people
295 Righteous JudgmentJim Washeck
298 The Ten CommandmentsRandy Morrissette
301 Unseen ForcesVirgil Reed
305ATDA: Obama rebuilds mosques; Indulgences; NIV Gender NeutralMike Cude
308 The Blessedness of "Seeing"H. E. Lafferty
312 Exodus 32: The Golden CalfUnamended Sister
313 Early Days in South WalesChristmas Evans
318 2012 Advocate Index - Vol. 127
BC Exhortation for the people