Advocate Index: 2013

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3The Call To ComeAdvocate Committee
5You Lost Me - Book Review: Why Young are Leaving the Church
9 Putting the Will of God FirstRick Farrar
15 The Relevance of Our FaithJames Farrar
21 The Intellectual Challenge from ScienceWilliam Farrar
26 Putting Our Trust in God's WaySam Swift
30 The Truth Still Matters!Jim Millay
35 Help Thou Mine UnbeliefScott Cram
39 The Perception of ExclusivityJames Farrar
44 "But What if You're Wrong"
47 About the Front Cover: A Cup of Cold Water
BC The Spiritual Analogy of The Light of Life
51 The Parables of JesusJohn Thomas
55 The Cup of Christ (1)Mike MacDonald
59 David Did Eat the Shewbread (1)Ken Wood
61 JoyUnamended Sister
63ADTA: what Gaza taught Israel; Reworking God's image; UN recognizes Palestine; Am. Muslim view of Shariah law
66 Notice to Advocate Readers: Bible School HeritageJames Washeck
69 How Do the Righteous Have Eternal Life in the Present Age?Wayne Tanner
71Ecclesial News: Richmond, VA; Woodstock, ON; Henderson, KY
75 Humble Yourselves...Jim Washeck
78 Parables of the LostDavid Hill
82 The Cup of Christ (2)Mike McDonald
86 David Did Eat the Shewbread (2)Ken Wood
89ADTA: International Cost of Killing Jews; Palestine's Stubborn State of Mind; UN Hypocrisy
92 Thou Shalt Not AvengeUnamended Brother
95 ApathyScott Cram
98 The Lost CoinJohn Carter
99Ecclesial News: Oak Grove, LA; Village, IL
103 Our FatherJim Washeck
105 The Good SamaritanKevin Stark
109 Do My Prophets No HarmRandy Morrissette
111 The Day That Ephraim Departed from JudahKen Wood
114ATDA: Ireland Assumes EU Presidency; Morsi's 2010 position on Israel; Palestinian support for Hamas
117 Relationships
121 How Hast Thou Spent Thy Time?Winifred Mary Firth
122 A Filmmaker's Second ThoughtsNicky Larson
125 Times and SeasonsJames Laird
126Ecclesial News: Collinston, LA; Springfield, VT; South Hill, VA; Finger Lakes, NY
131 Have You Been Saved?Jim Washeck
134 The Labourers in the VineyardSidney Fitzgerald
137 Our Redemption Draweth NighIain Nicholson
140 He That Hath No Sword...Ken Wood
144ATDA: Israel's New Government; Changing Shape of Temptation; New Arab World
147 The Influence of the World
151 GiftsKaren Dumas
154Ecclesial News: Kentucky Bible School; Monroe, LA
159 The Spiritual Education of our ChildrenJoshua Vest
161 The Parable of the Tares of the FieldIan Cude
166 Elihu: Adversary or Mediator?Ken Wood
169ATDA: Israel's Jewish Population six million; Israel and Bible Study; Global anti-Semitism
172 A House of Prayer and a Den of Thieves (1)Zak Vest
175 Principles of ConductLiz Sankey
179 Let us take to ourselves the Houses of God in possessionJames Farrar
183Ecclesial News: Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Collinston, LA
187 Knowledge Shall Be IncreasedJames Washeck
190 Parable of the Ten VirginsJohn Manson
194 Tell No Man That I Am The ChristKen Wood
196ADTA: changes in science education; ESPN apologizes; Israel's statement to UN
199 A House of Prayer and a Den of Thieves (2)Zak Vest
203 If He Commit IniquityWayne Tanner
206 Thoughts By The WayJames Laird
209 Resurrection in the New TestamentThomas Williams
211Ecclesial News: La Luz, NM; Woodstock, ON
215 If So Be That The Spirit of God Dwell in YouJames Washeck
218 The Quickening SpiritRobert Roberts
219 The Parable of the Unmerciful ServantMichael MacDonald
222 Jephthah's DaughterKen Wood
226ATDA: End of the Mainline; WCC attacks Israel; Morality on Decline; sports and Religion
230 To Whom Does Jerusalem Belong?Heather Hawkins
237 The Three GarmentsThomas Turner
239Ecclesial News: Richmond, VA (Hall)
243 The Inspired Word of GodJames Washeck
246 The Pharisee and the PublicanBrian Forbes
251 The Hem of His GarmentKen Wood
254ATDA: Atheists; Gay Pride Parade; Israeli Sovereignty over Jerusalem and Temple Mount
256 Peter's Conversion (Part 1)Art Sankey
261 The Origin of the BibleThomas Williams
265Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Los Angeles, CA
267 Blind AtheismBerton Little
BC Inspiration of the Scriptures
271 The Household of GodJim Washeck
274 The Rich Man and LazarusJoel DiLiberto
277 Peter's Conversion (Part 2)Art Sankey
282ATDA: "Jesus" politically correct; Zealot book; Persecution of Christians
286 The Authority of JesusRobert Miller
289 The Sincerity of LoveJames Farrar
292 Facing the FactsThomas Williams
294 Discovery of Historic Jar in Jerusalem: earthen jar from Davidic period
299 The 2013 Parable Features: What We LearnedJames Washeck
303 The Wicked HusbandmenSam Tucker
306 The Missing Tribe in Moses' BlessingKen Wood
309ATDA: Islam in Israel; Christianity with Paganism in England; Girls scouts in England
312 What Did Jesus Write on the GroundLynn Harrell
316 The Principle of "The Right Way"Dave Hill
321Ecclesial News: Phoenix, AZ; Stanton, TX
322 Statement of Ownership
327 IntroductionAdvocate Publishing Committee
329 A Brief BiographyKen Wood
334 The Advocate's Early TrialsJames Washeck
338 Debates and their TopicsScott Cram
344 The Great Salvaton at WorkJoshua Vest
350 The World's RedemptionZac Vest
352 Miscellaneous PublicationsBobby Cox
357 In His Own WordsThomas Williams
362 Notes from the Editor's ToursJames Farrar
367 Photographs of gravesiteVincent DiLiberto