Advocate Index: 2014

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3The Commandments of ChristJim Washeck
6The Veracity of Ezekiel's Temple VisionJosh Vest
10In My Father's House are Many MansionsKen Wood
12ATDA: Pope Assures Atheists Salvation; Belief in Devil; Against Circumcision; Identity shift of Jews
15 Resurrection to Judgment
18 Love Perfect Love DivineThomas Williams
21 Scholar Asserts Hollywood Avidly Aided NazisNew York Times
23Ecclesial News: NLR, Ark; Southwest Austin, TX; Evansville, IN; Del Rio, TX; Denver, CO; Finger Lakes, NY
26 2013 Advocate Index Volume 128
31 The Ways of Christendom...Robert Roberts
34 Avenge Not YourselvesMichael MacDonald
38ATDA: Anti-Christian Sentiment; Christianity dying out; Jews more open to Jesus
41 The Cause of the Anger of the NationsJames Farrar
45 Three Unclean Spirit Like Frogs
46 A Twenty-First Century Test of FaithJames Farrar
51 The Vatican Against Israel: J'Accuse
55Ecclesial News: St. Louis, Mo; Worcester, MA
59 The Myth of Religious PluralismJim Washeck
62 Be Not Conformed to this WorldArlen Slavens
64ATDA: Treasure at foot of Temple; Shift in Muslim world; Pope Francis; Three Middle East Alliances
68 The Father's Quiet Cure for Elijah's DespairRandy Morrissette
71 Global Anti-SemitismJames Farrar
78 Seeing the Unseen
81 Letter to Editor: what turned young Christians into AtheistsSister Unamended
82Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ: La Luz, NM; Springfield, VT; Henderson, KY; Finger Lakes, NY
87 The Powers of Heaven ShakenJim Washeck
91 Subject to Principalities and PowersDavid Shelton
93 Shall a Nation be born at Once?Ken Wood
97 Rabbis Send Warning to Secretary John Kerry
98ATDA: Peace process double standard; Un year of solidarity with Palestinians
100 Will Iran Achieve Nuclear Capability?Joe Arabia
105 An Old DiscipleA. H. Zilmer
106Ecclesial News: Arlington, VA
BC Mountain Grove Chapel Outreach: The UN, Israel, Christ and You
111 The Prophet EzekielAdvocate Publishing Committee
113 Maintaining our Focus on Israel
115 The Dry Bones of Ezekiel 37Josh Vest
125 Israel: Beyond Comparison with Other NationsThomas Williams
126 Statement of Faith in Relation to the Dry BonesJames Farrar
133 The Star of DavidKen Wood
BC Palestine Post - May 16, 1948
139 More Signs of the Times?James Washeck
142 Love thy Neighbor as ThyselfRalph DiLiberto
145 The Place Which the Lord Your God Shall ChooseKen Wood
147ATDA: coming water crisis; brother extraterrestrial?; bible in American life
150 Why Was David Prohibited from Building the Lord's House?Harold Lafferty
154 Fellowship of the Spirit R.H.F.
157Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Henderson, KY; Stanton, TX; Finger Lakes, NY; Hodgenville, KY; Ark. Bible School fellowship policy
167 Mercy Rejoiceth Against JudgmentJim Washeck
169 In Everything Give ThanksPaul Wood
172 Your Tone of Voice
173ATDA: Oslo Era Over?; Anti-Semitism rises in Europe; "Chrislam";
176 Joseph and His Brethren (1)Harold Means
178 Understanding the AtonementJames Farrar; Joshua Vest
186Ecclesial News: Denver, CO
186The Nona-genarian Project: Sister Priscilla Swift
191 In Defense of Dr. ThomasJames Washeck
196 Love Your EnemiesW. Lynn Harrell
198 Elihu: Another PerspectiveKen Wood
203ATDA: Millennials and demise of print
205 Joseph and His Brethren (2)Harold Means
208 Ye Lay Up These Words in Your HeartAaron Schofield
211 Whosoever Hateth His BrotherA. H. Zilmer
212 New Publications Available
214Ecclesial News: Collinston, LA
214The Nona-genarian Project: Brother Charles Walker
BC The Christadelphian History
219 The Name ChristadelphianJim Washeck
222 Certificate Registering the NameJohn Thomas
225 Let Christ Dwell in Your Hearts by FaithWilton Sankey
227 Because Ye Know Not The ScripturesKen Wood
229ATDA: Israel; Observance of biblical commandments; Majority of Palestinians oppose 2 state solution
231 Our Spiritual HeritageRobert Miller
235 Notice to Advocate ReadersJim Washeck
238Ecclesial News: Finger Lakes, NY; Randolph, NJ
238The Nona-genarian Project: Brother Henry Wilson
BC July, 1869 Ambassador of the Coming Age
243 Virulent Anti-Israel ProtestsJim Washeck
247 Mind Not High ThingsMike Cude
251 Worshipping Our Lord JesusKen Wood
254ATDA: Pastors silent on current issues, "God Gap", Church sales, creation debate
257 Hating the Jew You've Never MetHaviv Rettig Gur
261 The Gaza Conflict Between Hamas and IsraelJames Farrar
266Ecclesial News: Isolation
266The Nona-genarian Project: Brother Charles "Chuck" KingStacey Ricks
271 The Responsibility of ShepherdsJames Farrar
275 Grudge Not; Judge NotHarold Thomas
279 Flesh and Blood Cannot Inherit the Kingdom of GodKen Wood
281 A Society Steeped in the Ethos of TerrorArnold Roth
284 The Right Path Through God's WordJoseph Pendergast
287 In the Truth's ServiceThomas Williams
288Nona-genarian Project: Sister Verona HainesHazel Hoogkamp
290Ecclesial News: Richmond (Hall), VA
291 Annual Statement of Ownership
295 Beyond ResolutionsJim Washeck
297 The Sure Word of ProphecyBrian Forbes
302 Baptism for the DeadKen Wood
305ATDA: prisoner releases; submarine delivered to Israel; Deadly diseases
308 Thoughts on our Freedoms and Responsibilities as SojournersSister Unamended
312 Times and Seasons: A ReconsiderationIslip Collyer
316Ecclesial News: Isolation; Springfield, VA; Collinston, LA; Greater Hamilton, ON
318 2014 Advocate Index Volume 129
BC The Christadelphian History