Advocate Index: 2015

Page Title Author
3They Will Not Endure Sound DoctrineJim Washeck
6 Edenic LawJim Washeck
11 Worshipping Our Lord Jesus Christ - Reader ResponseKen Wood
15ATDA: The Blasphemy Challenge; Christians and Pornography; Unchurched America
18 Jesus and the Law (1)Josh Vest
22 No Man Can Serve Two MastersBobby Cox
24Ecclesial News: Forest Hills, VA; Randolph, NJ
26 Brother Robert Morrissette
31 Sheep in the Midst of WolvesRobert Roberts
34 The Term "Resurrectional Responsibility"James Farrar
41 Baptism for the Dead - Readers ResponseKen Wood
44ATDA: Russia Demands Explanation?;Israel's Air Force Best; Jewish Baby Boom; Fatah to Children
46 Jesus and the Law (2)Josh Vest
50 Examination for BaptismA. H. Zilmer
53Ecclesial News: Wichita Falls, TX; Mt. Sherman, KY; La Luz, NM; Worcester, MA
54 Sister Betty Robitaille
BC Fish in the Desert
59 How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher? Jim Washeck
63 What is Flesh?John Thomas
66 Cattle Offerings at Josiah's PassoverKen Wood
68ATDA: Traditional Families; Aliyah to Israel; Open Letter to French President
71 Jesus and the Law (3)Joshua Vest
73 A Difficult Balance (1)Art Sankey
77Ecclesial News: Providence, RI; Randolph, NJ; Northeast, OK; Texas BS
78 Brother Don Farr
BC How the Amazing Function of the Eye
83 The False Gospel of MoralismJim Washeck
86 Unprofitable ServantsRobert Roberts
87 Relationships (1) The EnmityRichard Farrar
91 He should not go up to JerusalemKen Wood
93 A Difficult Balance (2): spiritual balance in working out differences among brethrenArt Sankey
97 Be Not Many MastersJim Millay
100 Sister Ruth Moore
103Ecclesial News: Tucson, AZ
107 I Would Thou Wert Cold or HotJim Washeck
110 Jesus Christ's KingshipScott Cram
117 Without Father, Mother or Beginning of DaysKen Wood
119ATDA: Israel-US Relations; Netanyahu/Obama and Book of Esther; Canada Pro Israel; Anti-Semitic White House
123 Relationships (2) Richard Farrar
127 Baptism Doth Also Now Save UsW. Whitehead
131Ecclesial News: La Luz, NM
135 Accomplices are Also GuiltyJim Washeck
139 The Everlasting CovenantSarah W. Farrar
145 The Day the Sun Stood StillKen Wood
148ATDA: U.N.'s war on Israel
150 Build According to the PatternRandy Morrissette
153 A Jewish Right to a Jewish LandRabbi Lazer Gurkow
156 Sister Margaret Farrar
BC A Jewish Right to a Jewish Land Map
163 Even His Prayer Shall Be AbominationJim Washeck
165 The Relationship of the Father and the Son: Jesus Christ, the Son of GodJosh Vest
169 The Origin of the TrinityArt Sankey
177 Baptism for the Dead - Readers Response (2)Ken Wood
180ATDA: Russia's Anti-American Fever; Russia's Massive WW2 Parade;
182 Touched by the SpiritKaren Dumas
185Ecclesial News: Denver, CO; South Hill, VA
186 Brother Andrew Cort
191 Glory unto GloryKen Wood
194 The Nature of ChristHarold Lafferty
200 The Brazen Serpent as a Type of ChristT. J. Carlow
203ATDA: Obama's Obsession with Palestinian State; Pope recognizes Palestine
205 Respect of PersonsJonathan Farrar
209 The Cost of Discipleship
BC Man Endowed with the Power of Free VolitionThomas Williams
215 Supreme Court Embraces Same-Sex MarriageJim Washeck
219 The Right and Title to Eternal LifeIan Cude
226 Ascending and Descending upon the Son of ManKen Wood
229ATDA: Netanyahu urges European Jews to move to Israel; Palestinian culture of entitlement
231 A Fable of UnityJonathan Swift
232 The Two DestiniesDavid Hill
235Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Mountain Grove, ON
BC Eternal Life Promised, Not Possessed
239 Despise Not the Little OnesJim Washeck
242 Adamic Condemnation
247ATDA: America's Moral Collapse: Marriage, Crime, Government, etc.
249 Statements of FaithLarry Fletcher
253 Palestinians: The Difference Between Us and ThemBassam Tawil
256 Pickle JuiceHarold Thomas
258Ecclesial News: Henderson, KY
258 Sister Rosemary Watkins
BC Reflections on the Truth of GodJohn Peake
263 Year End Thoughts and ConsiderationJim Washeck
266 The Restoration of the Kingdom of Israel as the Kingdom of GodKen Wood
271 Reader's ResponseKen Wood
273ATDA: Jerusalem Palestinians Seek Israeli Citizenship; Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians
276 The Misrepresentation of IsraelMelanie Phillips
279 Israel's Right to ExistThe Gatestone Institute
281 If Israel Disappears, Others Will TooMudar Zahran
283Ecclesial News: Randolph, NJ; Beulah, LA; Austin, TX; Springfield, VT; Woodstock, ON
285 Our Father's BusinessJohn Owler
286 Brother Robert White
291 IntroductionAdvocate Committee
293 Classical Statement of the Argument of DesignJames Farrar
306 Science Makes the Case for GodEric Metaxas
308 The "Irreducible Complexity" of the Human EyeZak Vest
314 Creative Expression as the Mark of Design: A Designer's PerspectiveSam and Whitney Tucker
317 Richard Dawkin's Denial of DesignJames Farrar
319 The Language of HoneybeesMelissa Vest
321 The Moral Authority of the CreatorAdvocate Committee
BC The Terror of Going Where the Evidence LeadsMelanie Phillips