Schedule of Events 2016


Lord Willing

Unamended Christadelphian Community of North America

Event Date Location

Bible Schools/Conferences
Canadian Bible SchoolJuly 23 - 29Keuka College
Kentucky Bible SchoolJune 25 - July 1Owensboro, KY
New Mexico Bible SchoolJuly 23 - 29Cloudcroft, NM
Texas Bible SchoolJuly 16 - 23Hye, Texas
Youth Activities
Northern NJ CYC Youth WeekendSeptember 9 - 11Schooley's MT
Vermont Winter Youth WeekendMarch 4 - 6Sprinfield, VT
Texas Youth GatheringOctober 7 - 9Leakey, TX
VA Youth Camp (Age 7 - teen)June 25 - July 2Chase City, VA
Cape Cod GatheringTBACataumet, MA
Mt. Sherman GatheringSeptember 10 - 11Mt. Sherman, KY
New England Fall GatheringOctober 9 - 10Springfield, VT
New England Spring GatheringApril 24Cranston, RI
North Little Rock Fall GatheringNovember 4 - 6North Little Rock
Ontario (Mt. Grove) Fall GatheringOctober 21 - 23Burlington, ON
Osage Hills GatheringMay 13 - 15Bartlesville, OK
Randolph, NJ Fall GatheringNovember 5 - 6Randolph, NJ
Richmond Chapel GatheringOctober 8 - 9Richmond, VA
Richmond Hall GatheringDec. 30 - Jan. 1Northstar Academy
Richmond Hall Spring Study WeekendMay 28 -29Chase City, VA
Richmond Hall Fall Study WeekendDec. 30 - Jan 1Chase City, VA
Rocky Mtn. Fall GatheringSeptember 23 - 25Denver, CO
San Antonio Study WeekendTBASan Antonio, TX
San Saba TX Spring GatheringApril 16 - 17San Saba, TX
San Saba TX Summer GatheringJune 17- 19San Saba, TX
San Saba TX Fall GatheringOctober 15 - 16San Saba, TX
Schooley's Mtn. Study WeekendJuly 1 - 3Schooley's Mtn. NJ
Schooley's Mtn. Study WeekendSeptember 2 - 4Schooley's Mtn. NJ
St. Paul MN GatheringMay 13 - 15Wargo Nature Center

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