Ecclesial News

The Christadelphian Advocate Publishing Committee is always pleased to publish news of announcements, activities and events sponsored by unamended ecclesias and their associated committees within our community. It is not our intention or purpose to judge or censor the content of any of these announcements that are presented in a brotherly spirit and that provide useful information for our brethren. 
Our decision to publish news items often depends on space and other considerations. The presence of a news item should not be regarded as our endorsement of the activities that autonomous ecclesias have chosen to sponsor. The absence of a news item should not be considered as a condemnation of either the source or the event.

News items may be e-mailed to us for inclusion on the Advocate website. These news items will also be forwarded to the magazine for publication in the next issue.

See Ecclesial News Section heading in the Advocate magazine for the password.